“There is no such thing as the natural world.  There is only the World.” ~David Quammen

In his book, Spillover, David Quammen reminds us of a reality that lives below our awareness most of the time:  we don't live in a world separate from Nature. 

Depending on how urban our environment is, we may live with limited aspects of nature; however, wildlife continues to live with us side by side in increasingly creative and interdependent ways.  Those who live close to the margins of, or completely within, unaltered natural lands will find themselves participating with wildlife who may see them as just another extension of the landscape.  Our connection is not disputed or denied or overlooked.  It is just part of the web.

We are all at these intersections:  humans, animals, landscapes, elements, weather.  Much of the time they are outside of our awareness, as we focus on the narrow sliver of our individual and seemingly separate lives.

These intersections are what I would like to bring back up into your awareness through my Instagram feed.

All photography is an interaction between human and the wild:  the human viewer and the wild subject of that gaze; however, some photography is not a mere recording of wildlife.  Photographers often capture these intersections, between humans and wildlife or wildlife species with each other or with their landscape, which are emotionally evocative. They remind us of something about ourselves, our humanity, and our connections.

In each post, I select a word that I believe the photo evokes. And you are welcome to share what resonates with you in the comments. Enjoy the feed and follow me by clicking on the camera icon below on the left.